This Man Keeps Reminding Me Why I Fell In Love With Him

Omg! Just got two letters in the mail from of course my army man. I think it's adorable that he insists on writing letters to me still even though we talk every afternoon. Lol it's just the greatest thing in the world knowing that someone puts the much tought into you and so much love. I'm gonna quote him in one of the letters, he said "my love how are you? I spoke to you yesterday on the phone and was instantly happy. We had a solid 15 minute convo hahaha. Before they used to be like three hours long. I must tell you, in those 15 minutes that we spoke, we shared some laughs and it honestly made me realize why you are my girlfriend. It reminded me of how healthy and fun our relationship was. Very little arguing and just enjoyable time...I miss you so much and I love you. I don't think I tell you enough" omg I am so I love with this guy. He's amazing and I'm so happy that all this hard work that I've put in our relationship is seriously paying off. I am one happy and very in love army girlfriend right now.
armygirlfriendmeza armygirlfriendmeza
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2012