Made My Day And The Rest Of My Week!

YAY! So I just got my second phone call from my love I'm soooo freaking happy im like shaking lol! He first had called my cell phone and I didn't hear it go off gosh darnit! But then my home phone rang and it was from the same number that had called my cell so I knew right away that it was Vince! He only had a minute and 30 seconds to talk but that's okay I'm just sooo happy I got to hear from him! He told me that he had his last ruck march test tomorrow and that he's going to get his phone back the last two to three days he's there! I'm soooo proud of him and cannot wait to see him! 9 days and a wake up! <33333333 :o)
iFellinLoveWithASoldier iFellinLoveWithASoldier
18-21, F
Oct 21, 2012