Life is not about always pleasing others.. I've learned when you have to fight for something someone somewhere is going to be hurt... I love Matthew more than anything but I want to start my life with him right away after I graduate. It will hurt my family seeing me move so far away but I need him. Somehow we just work and I need advice.
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Geesh look like most of us on this site are dealing with the same thing 23! me && my soldier planned on getting married VERY soon...but my mom does not want me to = / ...she actually told me i wasnt going to do month on the 13th will be our 1 year anni. && people keep saying we are in the honeymoon phase = / anywho you are absolutely right...somewhere somebody will be hurt but they will get over it. we have to make sure we are happy FIRST! and people should just be happy for is about living, learning, and making mistakes...we cant do neither if we are always worried about how other people will feel...if we have faith in our men then everything should be fine...i just had to lecture myself all of this last night lol...had to do some thinking myself

I'm at the same exact point. I'm 18 and I graduate in june. I've been with him since february and I want to be with him whever they said him. Yea u have to be married but I'm fine with that. My family doesn't understand but I have so much faith that it will work. I'm still gonna go to school and follow my dreams but my dream is to be with him. They will have to get over it