It Has Been A Week...any Advice? :(

Well everyone, today marks a week since Mathew left for basic training. I've kept myself busy all week-Monday I went shopping with my mom & skipped school-then worked til closing, Tuesday I went to school and became certified in CPR, Wednesday I went to school, and made Rice Krispies with my best friend, Thursday I went to school and worked til closing, Friday I went to school, and went shopping with a friend from work, then stayed out til one o' clock, Saturday I slept late & worked, and today I'm going to be measured for a bridesmaid's dress. However, I have done some serious worrying this week...all I can think of is, "What if he doesn't love me anymore?", "What if he moves on?", "What if he decides he doesn't need me anymore?", "What if he becomes distant and breaks off the relationship?", "What if he finds someone better up there?", and many many other things...I've just been miserable : all the times I was having fun this past week, I was feeling guilty, because he's having a hard time & I'm out having fun. :(
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1 Response Nov 11, 2012

Don't feel bad for having fun. If you don't you are going to go crazy. It's hard to have a guy in the Army. But it's worth it if you love him. Every time I see mine it makes me so happy. And the when he leaves the fresh pain of losing him all over again hurts so bad. But the key is to stay positive and don't focus on the goodbyes but focus on the next time you get to say hello. Also the Army will change him. But you have to trust he will love you and be faithful. Stay positive.