Deployed And Pregnant/re-blogged!

So im 20, 21 in July my boyfriend ( fiancé ) is 24 to be honest we haven't been together long, but when we met we just clicked, i guess we were just " meant to be " anyway he was re-deployed 6 weeks ago, a week ago i found out im 5 weeks pregnant, now I thought he would of been abit shocked as i was! But no i was wrong he was so happy he decided to tell me over the phone ( I know not very romantic ) that he wanted to marry me so we could all be a family and move to where he is stationed ( I was exited, shocked, nervous) now... at first i was like wow im so young, i only just found out im pregnant and we haven't really spoke about that other than we are both against abortion, we haven't been together long, but truth is i love him so much and i no he loves me so were keeping the baby, going ahead with the wedding, I no this is the best thing for all of us this way he can be a full time dad till deployment, we will be looked after all the time, I won't be a single parent, now because of where he is and where I am and only having 8 months till baby is here we want to get married as soon as he is back ( April ) i no not far away but it's the only way we can be a family together before the baby is here and i want to get everything ready for when he/she is here,were in love, were having a child so why not get married :) I no marrying into the army life is going to be hard moving all the time, deployments, money issues, i no i can support him and be here for him to fall back on, love him and no that the army is before us but I no it's the only way were all going to be happy and have the best possible life, and to be honest im so exited about it all, I just feel as if my luck as finally changed and im so exited to start my life with an amazing man i feel like i have known my whole life...

is there anyone on is site that can relate to this?
If not thanks for reading anyway..
Feel free to leave your opinion,

Abi x
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Girl I can so relate. My guy and me are the exact same.. Congrats..