I Wish I Knew

Seven Months Ago I meet the most amazing guy, The first week we were together he moved me into his house, to take care of me & my son and protect us from my ex. I was also VERY pregnant. *32 weeks* He amazed me and in no time flatt We were a very serious couple.

Sadly 4 months into our relationship he deployed to Iraq, and I knew it was going to happen the entire time.  He  bonded with my oldest boy, and even my newborn. And it was the first time I felt safe.

Now he keeps saying that I am to good for him and this life is to hard for me.. I don't know how to explain to him that he makes me so happy and his phone call makes me feel better and there's no where I'd raither be. He's scared he's going to die over there and it'll hurt me.

I don't know how I went from my ex, who beat me up a lot, to my boyfriend who cares so much and wants me to be happy. And I am so lucky.. but sad cause I wish I knew how to get him to see.. I LOVE HIM and I'll always stand beside him

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3 Responses Dec 14, 2008

wow!! that is amazing that you found someone who loves you so much and takes care of you and your children!!! stay strong and things will get better!!

Thank you! I love to chat sometime

It sounds like hes just scared. Everyone deals differntly with deployments. Just stay strong and be there for him. It will all work out. I'm here if you need to chat.x