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I've been with my now fiance for a year. He gets out of the Army in November of this year.. Seeing we haven't really been with each other and seeing each other on a daily basis we plan on moving in with each other... etc... He proposed on my bday (xmas eve) and I was always the one who said I wouldnt get married because Im not the "marrying" type. Well I love him a lot.. Some times I wonder why, but I know I really do.

We're not planning on getting married anytime soon, we are going to wait about 2-3 years.. Maybe 10... but it'll be awhile. Does anyone see anything wrong with this? Im hearing from a lot of people theres nothing wrong with it, and then the others are asking me what the hell Im doing. Im confused. We're not rushing into things at all.. The only thing I told him I wanted was the church, because my grandpas buried out there. But otherwise I havent even looked into anything else.

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It is a good thing you're engaged to a military man because he is trained to deal with the threats of those that would try to destroy what destroys you.<br />
The Military men and women must take an oath to uphold the Constitution of our land. I would not trust them to be in the Military if they if they did not take the oath. He has shown himself that he can be trusted with another soldiers life. And has shown he is commited to his country. For this he is willing to die. For us he is willing to die. And that is honorable. He shows great respect for his authorities and Commander in Chief.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Your fiancee is willing to die for my way of life. He does'nt even know me. But you, he knows, and must have expressed to you that he trusts you with his life. And you trust him with yours. He is fighting for your way of life as well. He knows you. He obviously loves you. <br />
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Getting married is not as important as your commitment to one another. It is not as important as your relationship with him and your wellbeing as well as his. But now comes the reality of life. <br />
If a soldier will give his life for someone like me whom he does not know;<br />
If he is willing to train for that day of fighting or giving of his life;<br />
If he is willing to engage the enemy in battle under the worst conditions;<br />
If he is willing to destroy what would destroy you and who you love (including him);<br />
If he is willing to take an oath before God;<br />
If he is willing to believe in the rules including God's, and his Country;<br />
If he is willing to show himself trustworthy;<br />
If he is willing to trust his life to other soldiers;<br />
If he is willing to submit to his Authorities;<br />
If he is willing to be commited to his Country;<br />
If he is willing to live honorably;<br />
If he is willing to obey his Commander in Chief, beloved or not;<br />
Then why not you whom he does love?<br />
Why would marriage be an issue? Marriage would be the natural way of life and to live otherwise would be a fraud.<br />
<br />
As a fact those who do live "together" , experience the confusion of the unnatural, because of the fears of commitment or mistakes or frauds. And when the two do get married then the mystery of commitment sheds it's curtain and the real is experienced whether it's a real fraud or a real love. So a love cloaked with the mystery of commitment or fear usually is a fraud in ambush position. The relationship demands clairty like an army demands victory and peace. <br />
<br />
A soldier in a war experiences fears that can cripple their emotional wellbeing for years or even life. And be sure if he's a fraudulent soldier that will even be revealed to which side he stands.<br />
<br />
The relationship then is more important than the marriage, but the marriage will be agreed to, well before you're together <br />
engaging the enemies of your life, because your training is approved by someone higher in authority than yourself. Because the task is bigger than you both can handle. <br />
<br />
As for marriage there is so much about marriage that TV and movies makes ugly. And I have noticed that the same glorifies the absence of marriage. But marriage is not what defines a relationship. Commitment and endurance, patience and purpose, trust, is what make a marriage definable.<br />
<br />
Marriages are redefined by those who would rather see you on the front page of a tabloid magazine just for a little money and a laugh.