Loves My Brother-in-law Xxx

my brother is engaged to a soilder n i get on really well with him and love him to bits its like having 2 big brothers :D but my bro-in-law's going to afghan in a week for 6 months and my brother really struggles to cope when his fiancee is away :( i'm not really sure what i can do to help because as i'm sure you'll all know when they go away theres nothing you can do to get them home :( does anyone know anything i can do to make it better for my brother coz i'm really worrying how hes gonna cope, n just want the next 6 months to be over with ! :( i'm so proud of my brother-in-law n love him to bits n miss him like crazy when he's goes away ! but i really just wanna make things easier for my bro, any advice i'd really apreciate! thanks xx

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Send him booze and chocolates!!! :-)