The Way I Might My Guy

 hello, this is my story on how i met my boyfriend, who is in the national guard.
   I had just got out of a bad relationship,and one of my good friends wanted to take me out and celebrate. He had brought some other friends, which is one of my friends now,candice  and my boyfriend now ben, anyway me and ben had started talking and right away we hit it off. we talked over myspace and hung out alot. We flirted and had fun togther, i new he was apart of the national guard. We had are our first kiss in my bathroom, when i was doing his hair, before we were dating. Then there was this fair week, and we started dating, i had asked him out  that first night of the fair under a tree. He knew i new bout him leaving soon, but there was something there that i didn't want to lose him. we spent every momnet togther that week. The next week, he left for basic trainig in Fort Knox for close to 3 months, then another 2 months for ait. I wrote him everyday, and have never had a boyfriend be far away, and he wrote me. we fall in love through letters.

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thats adorable darlin. i think its really cute how you asked him out =] and that even though yall didnt know eachother all that long that you were still okay with him leaving. and you were gonna support him :) some girls are strong enough for that responsibilty. stay strong girly. need anything just tell me