My Soldier.. and a Question..

Hi, I've been with my boyfriend for five years. We're serious, we've talked about marriage and everything and had decided to wait until we both finish college. This past summer he decided to join the army and I support him 100%.  He left in January and he's still in basic training right now. I've been writing him everyday and until recently usually get letters from him about once a week. The last letter I got from him was from the end of February and in it he accused me of stealing money from him, which I didn't. Before I got the letter I talked to him on the phone and he never accused me of anything, just asked me if I knew what happened, which I did, and we talked for a few minutes and everything was fine. Then I got the letter from him about a week letter. It was postmarked after I had talked to him. I couldn't believe it and ended writing him a semi-angry letter and sending it before I came to my senses. It wasn't overly mean or anything but I told him he needed to find someone else to take care of his finances while he was gone because he obviously didn't trust me enough. I haven't heard from him since, and I've sent him several letters apoligizing.. Has anyone experienced something similar? I know I might be over reacting and he might just be busy and can't write but I feel horrible.

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I am confused do you both have a joint checking account? Or who else might have pin numbers to his account? How much money are we talking about here? maybe his ID got stolen in basic it happens.

no your not over reacting and yeah he could be busy but you should have recieved a letter y now.. in basic there is really no need for money so be careful and find out where all that money went

no your not over reacting if you really didn't do any thing he should know you better come on you have been together 5 years and thats a lot to deal with for you if your handling all of his expenses