Staying Strong For My Hero

my boyfriend, george, left for basic three weeks ago. i miss him so much. i was a wreck for a long time, and still have my moments. i got to talk to him on the phone quite a few times before he actually started basic up. i miss talking to him though.:/

i am staying as strong as i can for him though, even though it has been killing me inside. i am in love with him and will wait for as long as he needs me to. staying together through times like this really shows you what you both mean to eachother. i honestly am not one to hold everything inside, i am weak when it comes to that. i know for all of you out there staying strong for your soldier is not easy. i always feel like my life is a sad book. it's so unpredictable with the military being as it is.

times like these have made me realized what i really have. i'm sure you've all heard "you don't know what you've got until it's gone"..well that's basically me. sure i cherished every minute together, but it just really makes me think and miss everything about george. i am staying as strong as i can, with a little help from all of you and some friends.

i just think of it as a challenge for now. once i'm done with this and i can see him again, i can do anything. so for all of you out there having a tough time like me stay strong.

Anxious13 Anxious13
1 Response Jul 26, 2009

thats so true even though sometimes its the hardest thing to do staying strong for them helps keep them focus and helps you out in the long run. Just like you im staying strong for my guy.