I Am A Military Girlfriend Dealing With My 1st Deployment

my boyfriend is being deployed to iraq. For the past 2 months hes been at camp shelby doing predeployment training and will be home for his 4 day leave in march i miss him and love him dearly any advise?
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6 Responses Feb 16, 2010

and thanks luvsmysoldier. that makes so much sense.

thank you guys so much for the help

A fast forward button would be great lol. But seriously ladies i know right now you may not think it but this will be an amazing building block for your relationships. You will both build so much trust in each other. Honestly if i could o back and him not be deployed i wouldnt do it. This has made our relationship grow so much. It will do the same for you all as well. When you get down just remember that.

i do the same thing! even though i know i cant talk to him, and im feeling down or need to vent, ill send him an email as if i were talking to him. it helps a lot. dont you wish we had a fast forward button sometimes? lol

She is so right. Im at the end of a year long deployment. I have about six weeks left. I cant say it ever gets easier because i didnt for me but you do get use to it. The first few months seem really long but then before you know it your at the end. This has actually been the hardest time for me. I guess when it gets this close time seems to drag. Just stay busy. When i would get sad i would always write my soldier a letter. it was kind of like talking to him. Good Luck and stay strong..he needs you and misses you just as much as you need and miss him.

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You came to the right place. Im new here myself and every time I come to the site, I feel a little better about things. I am also on my first deployment. He left to Iraq on Feb 16th and he is gone for a whole year! :( <br />
All I can say is stay strong for yourself and for him. It has been hard not hearing from him when I want to talk to him or tell him I love him. Right now, Im going on 2 days not talking to him. I know to most thats nothing, but to me, thats everything. I cant stand it. <br />
Try to keep busy with things like school or work. I try to stay away from shopping for obvious reasons lol ... Hang out with your friends. Just keep busy and hopefully the time will go by faster. <br />
Good luck and message me whenever you want!