Michael has been in the army for like 3 years right now he is in Iraq since we are only about to be a year it's kinda hard for both of us since it's the first time we are away from each other well not this long even though it's only for 9 months it seems like forever but the good thing I have his family n mines support in the future we are planing to get marry n hope by that time if he gets deployed again it will be easy but so far I miss the **** out of him n their are sometimes he calls n I miss his calls since I'm still in school n working at the same time n I fell bad n during that day the only thing I do is wish that he'll call again but no matter what I love the **** out of him and I pray to god each and every day to take good care of my army man

SPCpena SPCpena
18-21, F
Feb 24, 2010