In Love And Lost

My boyfriend of ten months left one week ago for basics in fort jackson and i am aboslutely heartbroken.  i cry all the time and i am so afraid he will forget about me or something of the sort.  and yes i am aware how immature that is but i am lost without him.  when he was here we were together every day and now we arent.  he got to contact me a day or two after he arrived and now he is in actual "basics" but idk when i will hear from again.  I recieved the post card that they get to send when they get there but it has no return address so when will i get a letter with a return address or a call?? is he aware that there isnt a return address or is he expecting me to write back? or does he know? 

I just dont know what to think or do....  he is my best friend and idk what id do without him.  i want to keep contact and keep positive so that he knows i am here and supportive and that i dont intend on going anywhere so that maybe he won't want to just count me out ya know?? 

can you help me??

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I am staying busy this week and it has helped. i just try not to think..

he will write to you as soon as he can and then you will be able to write him can start writing already and when you get his address send them all at once..writing helps alot..he wont forget about you even though it feels like it..youll be in his mind 24/7 dont worry about that...and i understand how youre feeling too...when my fiance he left a month ago to boot camp i was a wreck..i would cry ALOT..cried the whole day the first day and i felt so lonely..i was with him pretty much everyday...i felt like a i couldnt function without him...but it gets a little better...and time does pass..even if it feels like it wont..hes missing you just as much as youre missing him..just think have to be strong for him because in a way he has it worse over there...=...try to find something to keep entertained and time will pass.

he will be going to oklahoma city for ait which is good becuase that's only about four hours from here . hopefully he will be stationed there as well

It's not weird to feel alone. I think that is why they make groups like this, to help us see that we aren't alone. Where is he going after Fort Jackson, or is he staying there for AIT?

i just got mine today actually. i miss him so much as well. and it really is good to know that yours is there too bc we will be going through this at the same time lol i feel alone. and i know.. it sounds weird lol

My boyfriend left last week for Fort Jackson as well. I still haven't heard from him. Its really hard. Im missing him like crazy. But its nice to find people that have someone there at the same time. If you need anything, feel free to message me at any time. When did you get the post card?