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so my boyfriend was deployed on feb 1, 2010, and im so worried and i miss him so much. we havent been together for too long, but i am so in love with this guy. its really hard to know that he is in iraq going through hell. i wish i can make it better for him. but i dont know how to cope. like i tell him ill be his backbone and if he needs anyonee to talk to im always going to be there for him. but i dont know how to be strong for myself. so if you have any advice on how to be stronger for the both of us please message me. i need so much help):
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My boyfriend has been over there for a wile now. and we had not been dating long before he left it was 3 days before he left to go back to training then leave to go to the sand box. although he has been my best friend for 2 and half years. The things you have to remember is that it is okay to lose it some times. we are girls and we are not perfect. so it is okay to cry every now and then and its okay to be mad at the situation. And during those times remember he misses you to. The things i do to help me is talk to people who understand what i am going threw. Because the people who have never been with a soldier just does not get it. They can try to help but some times it not enough. I also have my date nights with him. I know how corny that sounds with him be deployed and all but i loves those nights. Thats when i write him letters and or make him care boxes. When i am doing that all my friends leave me alown because they know that is my time with him, Its my chance to give him that much more of me. They also love those things. I also use to write my soldier an email everyday and i would number them. but when i found out that he did not have internet were he is at i started writing more letters. so now i write about 3 to 4 a week to him. And he can never get enough he loves them. So if you ever need to talk, vent, or just have questions feel free to hit me up

Okay, My husband is in Iraq now. We use magic jack to communicate. I talk to him everyday. Tell your soldier to get the internet i know it costs like 65.00 a month to have but to me it is well worth it. Iraq is not the way it used to be, I feel okay with him over there, I guess it also depends on the job that your soldier has as well. All I can say is to be there for him, send him care packages and just be happy and cheerful. Dont dwell on how much you miss him because that does not help the situation. This will pass, mine has been gone for 4 months now, and it really has gone by fast. Let me know if you need anything! Keep your head up.

like what should i say to him to let him know i am gonna be with him through everything? and do you think soldiers like when i send emails everyday?

Well your on your way by asking for If you have something more specific that you can tell me I will sure try and help! <br />
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Just stay strong in your communications with him and let him know everything is ok here. We don't him worried over there!<br />
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Well, you yourself have quite the support group. If anyone knows how to deal with all this, it's anyone of the girls in this group. I personally have yet to go through that first deployment, but it's coming up quite soon. My boy's going to Afghanistan in May or June of this year, I'm terrified. But the best thing for yourself is to talk to any other girl going through the same thing. We have to stand together! (: I'm sure this didn't help a whole ton, but I hope I at least helped a little. I'm always here to talk!