It's Never Easy..

i wish so badly that i could just pick up the phone and call him, but i know i can't. it sucks when he's in another country and you would do anything just to hear his voice, but all you can do is wait until he calls you... when he's out in the field you wonder how he's doing, and if he's really alright.i keep my head up knowing that's what he'd want me to do, he hates it when you worry, but for us, thats all we seem to do. you hear girls talking about how they haven't seen their boyfriends for 2 days, while ours are away for months. out of the year you see him once or twice, all you do is wish he's near.

july 8th 2009, is when my fiance left for basic. he was gone until about the end of october. i spent 3 weeks with him before he left to Germany to be stationed. i had to stay behind to finish school. may 15th 2010 is when he'll be home for 2 weeks. we're getting married, then june 2nd he's deployin, i am kinda bummed out that our first year married he'll be away fighting in war. i worry every day how i'll get through it.. i think to myself if i go crazy not talking to him for 3 weeks while he's in the field i wonder how hard it'll be when he deploys. people ask me how i do it, and it's something i can't really explain. i love my finace more then life it's self, and when you have someone worth waiting for you'll do anything. all my friends don't understand, nobody really can be there for me because they don't know what i'm going through. on my rough days i wish i could just have him here to hold me, but it doesn't quit work out that way. i have saved messages in my phone that keep me holding on. i'm glad that i'm taking his last name in may, planning this wedding is what has kept me busy. i'm just glad to say that i wouldn't trade military life for anything in the world. it get's hard but i get through it. when your sad and you cry because you miss him, just think that your one more day ahead to seeing him. look at the bright side of things, and make everything positive. everything will be alright. he misses you just as much as you miss him. 

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hey i can relateee to your story,send meee a messaqe if you ever want to talk