A Poem For My Soldier

My soldier has been drawing portraits of me from the photos I've sent him.  He said he's proud of what he has created using my beautiful face as his muse :) I'm a writer and tt's been a long time since I wrote a poem. But I wanted to write one just for him, so he could feel how special and inspirational he is to me too. I sent it to him yesterday.  He is finishing his basic training at Fort Knox. 

Hope you like it.  (Please don't repost though I would be so honored if anyone liked it enough to do so!) It's pretty simple and I don't think it will revolutionize literature for eons to come. I'm such a perfectionist its hard to share this stuff, but I can't stop worrying that its too cheesy or goofy so I thought I would post it here.  Thanks guys for indulging me!


his hand

grasped my ankle

the same hand

that later rested on my cheek

a thumb that traced the line of my jaw

his hand

holds a pen

with knuckles blue in the cold Kentucky air

he writes, and with that same hand

he draws

fingers sweeping charcoal into the tresses of my hair

those hands

that explored the curve of my hip

the balls of my feet

they clean a rifle, now tie a boot

two arms that lifted me with ease,

each morning shake from endless rising and dropping to the ground

the way our bodies rose and fell into each other

when our voices were heavy, our mouths so curious

and our hands

his hand and my hand

joined for a moment

as he looked into my eyes and called me beautiful, beautiful

jaxena77 jaxena77
31-35, F
Mar 13, 2010