New At This!

Well yes,im new at this.Im just gonna say that it hasnt been easy for me and hes been gone almost a month now,i dont get out much soo its just me writting TONS of letters and waiting for him to send me one!! We been together for 2years-3months btw his family hates me so its even more harder cause i have my family and close friends support but still i feel that emptiness inside that can only be filled by him.He in basic training(georgia) and were both from PR!! its sucks he hasnt called me but what can i do:(
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1 Response Jul 1, 2012

Hang in there! Keep yourself busy doing something to surprise him with when he gets back. Decorate a room, make a scrapbook for him to take when he is away from you. He will love that you were thinking of him even if he is not with you.