My Aunt Touched Me

It all happened when I was 9 I was a little bit babyish for a 9 year old if you know what I mean I was round my aunts house for the day whilst my mom was at work. My Aunts been devorced for about 3 years and I actually liked it being just me and her cuz her husband was a nob and I was glad they devorced. Anyway I was in the back garden playing with my aunts husky she was watching tv. I come running into the room saying to my aunt I need a wee-wee she sed ok come on then lets go to the toilet we went up stairs to the toilet she lifted up the seat and I pulled my trousers down and my pants and my small 2inch hung there my aunt aimed my penis into the toilet bowl and I started to pee she had the most softest hands ever so soft my penis began to feel wierd amd I could feel it getting harder after I was finished peeing my aunt shook my penis and cleaned it with toilet role and then suddenly my penis was rock hard 3.5 inchs it was my aunt gasped she was so supprised and I was so embarrassed she sed awww look at it its so cute she started to stroke and rub the tip on my penis she told me to sit on the toilet and she got down on her knees and started to suck on my penis about 10 minuets later I felt a throbbing in my penis I started to moan and groan but all I did was dry orgasmed but on accident I pushed a bit to hard a weed a bit in my aunts mouth but she sed she loved it and she sed we can do what ever you want next time adam
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I stumbled upon your story, I know your older now but if your aunt really did thoes things to you she's a weirdo pervert, just because you liked it and allowed it don't mean its right, hope you saw sense and kept away from that freak of an Aunty.

Sweet auntie