My Average ( Boring ! ) Day

I don't even know why I feel compelled to put this story down on virtual paper, but with a free part of a morning, and not many friends online, I thought I give it a go.

It may bore you to the point that you can't read it all, so sorry in advance.

I usually get up between 06:15 an 06:30, if I have a "lie in", then I'm up by 07:00.
My wife goes to work by 08:30, so she up by 07:00, and she goes to have her wash and pretty herself up - not that she needs a lot of prettying-
I go downstairs, open the kitchen door, and I'm confronted by the other two loves of my life, "storm", my tortoiseshell colored cat, and "shadow", my Ginger tom cat.

They then continue to scream at me in cat tongue, "we want breakfast, we want breakfast now" until I feed them.
We have to lock our cats in the kitchen overnight, because otherwise, at about 3am they would come up to our bedroom, leap on our heads, and demand attention.

Anyway, I diverse, feed cats, and they only like 1 type of cat food, and then put the kettle on for lorna's cup of tea, and put the coffee percolator on for my first caffeine fix of the day- the first of many!!

By this point, the cats have finished breakfast, and now want to go out.
So, unlock the back doors, and out they go for a while, and I continue to tidy the kitchen, wipe over the surfaces, get new dishcloth out, wash up last nights cups n glasses.

I make my wife's tea, and pour my cup of coffee ...........ahhhhhh. That's nice, that first mouthful of hot, black, strong, coffee.

Take tea upstairs for the mrs, come back downstairs, and refill kettle for later, and refill coffee pot- it won't be long till my next one.

By this point, mrs has finished her ablutions, and I'm normally in the back garden, drinking my coffee, and I have a quick roll-up ciggy - I'm not allowed to smoke in the house - mrs doesnt like it!!

After my garden vist, I'm free to go have my wash n shave etc ( won't tell u everything I do in the bathroom!!)

My wife now comes downstairs, and has her breakfast, whilst I finish off in the bathroom.
She leaves for work at about 08:30, so I go downstairs, wash up her breakfast things, kiss her goodbye, and I've got 25 min or so, before I go round to my elderly parents house.

Now for one reason or another, I never learnd to drive a car- no money, no need at the time, always lived close to my job, and there's a good bus and transport system.

So, at about 09:00 - jump on my pushbike, and a 20 min cycle ride to mum n dads.
Upon arrival, I tidy bin bags, lock up my bike, go in, say hello to mum n dad, go down post office to collect pensions and pay bills, come back to mum n dads house, get shooing list and then proceed around the various shops, purchasing all the food n things they need.

Dads nearly 90 now, he had a bad fall aug aug 2011, broke his hip, and he had slowly gotten a bit less well each n every day.

Mum had a hip replacement in Early 2012, but she also has other health issues, so neither of them go out these days.
Get back from shooing and its normally about 11:30-12:00

Make dad his lunch. Mum and I have a chat and eat our bit of lunch.

Now this sounds weird in anybody elses world, but mum and dad are divorced - but they still live in the same house.
They chat as they pass each other, but normally dad says "ask mum this" so I go into mums room, and she will say " tell him blah blah"
So I go to dads room, pass on mums message, and he says "well ask her if..."
And so on. I feel like a messenger sometimes.... As I say, a bit weird, but it's been like that for a long while, so its my normall ?!!!

Any how- after lunch, wash up dishes etc, make mums bed upstairs, and dads bed downstairs.
Do final bits of tidying, and cycle 20 min back home.
Its normally about 14:00, by this point.
My wife gets home about 14:30- so I make her lunch, feed my cats again, and retidy kitchen, maybe Hoover through the house, put some washing in the machine, and at about 15:30-15;45, I will get Into my work uniform, as I work most evenings in a local bingo hall- I'm the chief cashier.
About 16:30 leave for work, another 20 min cycle ride, and I'm at work till 23:00.

Another cycle ride to get home shower, more coffee,and another smoke outside the back door, get cats locked into kitchen, and eventually to bed at about 00:30- 01:00

I have to unwind a bit before bed.

So go clean my teeth, and climb into bed- 5 hr sleep (if I'm lucky), and look forward to tomorrow morning, when it all starts go back to the beginning of the story

So there you have it - most days are like that.

And in any spare time I have, I also run my own business, installing and setting up new televisions, DVD recorders, home cinema systems..
And I'm also a keen photographer.
So there Is my average day- no wonder I'm always tired.

Leave a little msg, just to say you have read this post- I love to know who's interested in my average, boring life

Thats all folks.

Thanx for reading.

Mark xx

Xxx Mwa xxX
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

And you still find time for EP!?! Not that I'm complaining :-)

In small little doses...yes.....
don't get a lot of time to myself....but...10 min here and there...
the needs of the few....outweigh the needs of the many !!!

I'm glad you do :-)

i wanted to know what yu do in the bathroom.
good story though

Hahaha.... I bet !!!!!!