So Different

It's Sunday morning and my son jumped right up on schedule full of giggles and oh so hungry. He only eats when he's at starvation mode because it cuts into his run around OMG I'm so hyper time! As he giggled he chanted "no school today... no school today" and ran in to put on the movie "Over the Hedge". He only watched it three times last night! It's hard to keep him still but the doctor doesn't want him using the boo-boo hand so no bike, no sports, no video games which leaves 'couch potato'. I can hear him coughing in the living-room, it seems to have gotten worse over night. He may be staying home tomorrow but not sure just yet.

As for my girls, both sleeping and would do so all day if I let them. The baby LOVES two things, food and sleep! She's growing so fast and has almost lost the creases in her chunky thighs. She loves to dance and laugh and brush mommy's hair (OUCH) in an upward direction. If I let her sleep in she might pass up a nap this afternoon and actually go to bed on time. The idiot has a tendency to put her down for a nap at 4pm and screws up the whole plan every time.

The teen, well she went to see the Jonas Brothers Movie last night and got home late so she'll hibernate as long as you let her. I do have to work in a few hours so they are all getting up like it or not. My three monkeys with their very own personalities, how dare they be so independent and creative! *giggles* It's not like they learned it from me or anything *rolls eyes*. Just love watching them do their thing and makes me smile.

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this is so sweet..<br />
makes me want kids even more now ='(