So recently, my youngest cousin(a year old!!!) learned the abilities "high five" and "bro fist". How this ties into the story? Read on and find out.

This past Sunday, the day we finally got some rain, I felt TERRIBLE. I was fighting a nasty stomach bug after knocking down some dominos(pizza). NEVER again. Anyways...

I'm sitting in church, stomach going haywire , while trying to pay attention to the song(I was on bass). Halfway through, somebody pulls my hood. Not hard enough to choke me to death, but close enough.

I turn my head just enough to death glare at the culprit, who happened to be Kaila(my youngest cousin). My death glare kinda turned into a blank stare. The baby just stares back with this amused grin on her face while lifting her fist to me. She can't say "bro fist" yet, but she says "jish" She'll hold it there until you do.

I turn around(was following along without looking!!!) and before I can get back into the song, she smacks me with her jacket.
I turn around again, she hands the jacket to me. After passing it back and forward about 8 times, I fold it and hand it to her mum.

Praise and worship is over and I'm reminded if how tired I am by my eyelids.
So I excuse myself, walk over to the couch and I'm gone. I wake up right as pastor goes "amen", signaling that church was over.

I fall back asleep for about a minute before I hear little feet running up the hall. I open one eye and see one of my younger relatives peeking around the corner at me. I play like I'm asleep. She runs up, slaps my knee and turns to run away, but I caught her instead.

After she admits defeat, her sister (kaila) waddled in. She stares at me with her hand extended towards me. I barely lift mine before hers(I caught myself making the dumb note of how small her hands were) crashes into mine. After our bonding highfive, she finds a spot on my knee(with some help from her big cousin of course).

Soon after, the other kids crowd around, all of them asking how I slept. About 8 hugs and snacks later, we're all situated around my phone surfing netflix.

So let's recap, the baby comes to me on her own now, it's raining outside, watching a good movie with the kids. I'd say it was a good day.
yourguardingangel yourguardingangel
22-25, M
Aug 20, 2014