I Will Always Love My Baby Daddy!

I love him and i really shouldnt. I dont know why
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4 Responses Nov 6, 2006

If he wants a break,give it to him,if you're meant to be together in the long ran you will be.
It happened to me but that time I wasn't expectant,we were apart but very close pals for a year &a half,we later got back together and are now married with a beautiful daughter. Hope all goes well for you

I am pregnant by my child's father and we are in love with each other, but he says he needs time and I agree because we have a lot of working on ourselves that we need to do before we decide to get back together. I want to be with him, but I DEFINITELY don't need to be with him. If it is meant to be we will be, but we wil see.

do i feel you... <br />
i so shouldnt, but i am in love with my baby daddy...<br />
<br />
things make sense to you yet?? work out?? give me hope!!!! lol

Maybe because hes the father of your child. Possibly he could have been the love of your life. I dont know that because I dont know the whole story!!