LUV My Baby Daddy

SO, we have been friends for almost ten years, with benefits for five, and even more then that for 1 and a half.  After all the I love you's, all the nights of falling asleep beside him and every time he needed me, I ran.... I got pregnant.  Every since it all went wrong.  He has me so torn and hurt, but I cannot stop loving him.  I wish I could walk away, but I know when he calls, I won't.  What happened to me?  I used to be so strong and so sure.
beautifullybroken7 beautifullybroken7
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3 Responses Apr 21, 2007

I love my baby daddy too,but sometimes I feel like walking away and never come back! He loves me too,& he loves his daughter so much,but sometimes he gets into my nerves! But I love him & him alone.Wish he could know this

you will always love the father of your child no matter what, your reminded of him in everyday of you'd child but if you TRULY love him, go for him if not still be friends but move away from him slowly.

I understand how you feel. Before I had the baby and he came back I have always been independent and sure of myself. Now I find myself being that girl, the one I never was and never wanted to be. And the worst part is, although he is finally apart of our daughter's life, he and I arent together and wont be, but that doesnt stop me from hoping. I feel like such a dumbass...