I know we all know that song by Vivian Green...that song speaks the EXACT sentiments of my heart! I love my baby's daddy and I always will. The messed up part about it is that I tried to get over him by getting into another relationship. BAD MOVE! I thought if I had someone else that the love I feel for him would eventually go away. If anything it has gotten stronger. Now, I don't know why I still love him. He left me when I was three months pregnant. I remember that day like yesterday...he came over and we had lunch...he got up and told me he would call me after he got home...never called and never heard from him again until our daughter was two months! I know its messed up. he has another daughter that he is taking care of. Anyways...I got with my current boyfriend when I was 7 months pregnant an we have been together for 10 months now. My babys daddy calls me up last week tellin me he misses me,still has love for me,and he wants us to move in together. I love him so much. Scared that he will hurt me again,besides,how do you up and leave someone after 10 months? Life is all about being happy,taking chances...
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I understand you might still love him and it hurts, but he does not love you. To leave you when you were pregnant is unforgivable and you should hate him, not love him. You WILL find someone that loves you and loves you unconditionally. Don't give up on you- give up on him.

Nope, never heard that song and it's grammatically incorrect anyway, grumble, grumble.