Took Me By Suprised

When i met my daughter' father it took me by suprised we met at a football game gave him my number called me days later...then we talked and he lost my number lol sure i told then we saw eachother bout several months later and wham lost my virginity to him never in my life i thought i would loose it to a guy i bearly knew well thanks i was his first too (supposedly) well we were friends wit rights then less then 6 months i found out i was almost 3 months pregnant ...and of course he was the father but whe he told me b4 that he didnt want to have kids and i was like i wont get pregnant cause we did ALMOST everythin so i wouldnt then i went to San Antonio to vist my uncle and his family went to the amusment park there and i had gotten my period then i well later bout a month i told him for sure i was pregnant and he was like its gonna b all for the baby wat we had is over and then on  my bday i called him to how he was cause i had a miss call from his house and he told me that he didnt call so we started talkin cause he asked me how i was and i told him okay this mornin sickness has gonna away lil then i asked him if he really wanted the baby n me and he was like to tell u the truth no...i started cryiin can he say this to me!?! i love him but i never dared to tell him he is soo cold how coould i tell him but as strong as i could b i told him i had to get off the phone cause i wasnt feelin good even b4 he said good bye i hung up on him ......i started cryin as then my cuzin came runin askin me wat was wrong when i told her she called my mom and she told me to talk to his mom and she told me that he didnt knw wat he was sayin that not to pay attention to him....well fastforwar to now he wasnt there when she was born i named her wat i wanted to she has my last name he didnt c her till she was 5 days old and then again till she was almost 2 months old between that time she went to the hospital for havin 103 fever and he didnt go but now he has changed he is more involved but not alot but after all this and relivin it as i type it i still love him idk y but i do and more i try to move on the harder it get to get over him!!!
mandy8706 mandy8706
18-21, F
Jul 24, 2007