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Can't Let Him Go!

I met my daughters father when I was 16 and had our daughter when I was 19.  I have always been in love with him but at that time all he wanted to do was run the streets and chase other women.  So I let go, 3 years ago we started back messing around and it has made my feelings even worse, I am more in love with him then ever.  He is not with anyone but is still not ready to settle down.  I love him so much and want to be with him to raise our child.  When we make love it is magical.  I think he still has feelings for me but doesn't want to committ and I don't understand why.  I love him so much.  Any advice?

shjones97 shjones97 26-30 2 Responses Jan 18, 2009

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Same here we have 2kids and been off and on for 15 years now we started out as friends I don't know why we love them knowing they going to sleep around praying that they will commit

I wish i had some words of wisdom for you but unfortunately im in just about the same situation. I havent figured out when we hang onto these guys...