My Balls Are So Very Ticklish!

I started manscaping about ten years ago. . . about the same time I was reaching out to learn of my yearning to be tickled. As it turns out, I shaved becuase I like the smoooooooth (not enough "O's" in smooth!) way that it feels; little did I know how much it would tickle. I went to this LER's home and it was the LER who opened this new horizon.

As I stood naked with my hands handcuffed over my head to some gym equipment, my newly shaven manscaped area was heavily fondled which, of course, brought about a very welcome erection. The LER then combined the tickling of my balls with the tickling of my ribs and the licking of my underarms. I was absolutely insane with laughter. My LER did this for about fifteen minutes until I could no longer breathe. I was then uncuffed and brought to the bed where I was spreadeagled, bound like never before and tickled all over to include my very ticklish balls.

My LER then combined a sensual tickle along with the tickling of my balls. I was laughing but could feel it starting to happen. The intensity was building as I felt a hot load of man chowder making its escape from within. But the tickling did not stop. My LER continued to tickle me and the sensations were even more acute. I was made to beg to be tickled or the tickling would not stop. After a day of subjected to this I was allowed to sit. I was exhausted. I'm shaking now just writing of this event.

Oh how I love to be tickle tortured!
ticklishsoles ticklishsoles
61-65, M
Oct 17, 2011