I rescued her from a neighbour who was cruel to her,it took a lot of time to get her over the abuse.but she is the greatest dog that i have.she dosen`t like it when i that i have to stay at home .she loves to come and stretch out next to me.i say she has a appoligize paw.if she sinces i fell bad she comes up and uses to let me know she loves me.

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4 Responses Mar 16, 2009

My baby, Buckbee has the same paw, but at our house we call it the Love Paw, because he will walk over and tap me with it when he just wants some love. I love him so much and know that it is returned.

Thats so awesome.... I miss my puppy hes over at the exes house ...hes getting older that pup....he is still my baby.. he just turned 10 ....great the pups .

Sweet story and I am an animal lover myself. I don't have a dog yet but this summer when I move I want to get a little dog and I seriously considered getting a Beagle I heard they are great little dogs! My son likes them too and thats what he wants to get.

Owww. What a nice story. She is lucky to have you.<br />
Bless you both