To Beard, Or Not To Beard

Im 28 and ever since I was a senior in high school I knew I had potental to grow a nice thick beard, but I never thought it would suit me. I finnaly grew it out a few months ago and there are things I do and dont like. I like that it keeps my face warm in the winter, I dont like that everytime you blow your nose you need 2 tissues one for your nose and the other for your mustache. Suprisingly wemon seem to like it better (prob cause I dont look so young). I have been experimenting with trimmers on how to cut it. I dont wanna go full on zztop style but im definantly past the scruff. Seems like I got more of a lumberjack paul bunion kinda beard. I figured I like it now so ill keep it. Tho when summer time comes along I can see it getting very annoying in the heat so I will probably shave it off. Ill just have the best of both worlds beard in the wintet shaved in the summer!
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Keep it I have had my beard for a year and a half and it doesn't bother me st all in the summer

Dude u should totally keep the beard! My reasoning is..."did u know when your beard grows fast, its because you day dream about sex alot" so a beard to me means someone really sexually enticing and hot as hell! Its awesome to have someone with an imagination and finding creative ways to do it :9

Well..... I do think about sex a lot lol

Exactly :D

Depending upon where you live, a beard's not necessarily a problem. Length has something to do with it, too...I keep mine trimmed just past scruff-length. If it gets scratchy (or hot in the summer), I just run my hands through it whenever I wash my hands. Keeps everything soft.