Everything Changed!

Hey, well last year I became fascinated with reptiles all of a sudden. So for my birthday my boyfriend got me a bearded dragon. I was stoked! Since then I'm in love with this little man. I've also never owned pets before so this is like fantastic!

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2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

I loved mine. He was so cool. We get so many flies where I live in the summer. I would walk him around the house and he would slurp flies off the walls! He also loved to go for a swim in the bath tub once a week. Then my husband got a snake and I had to find him a new home. I was P-Oed! Whats even worse is that he didn't take good enough care of it and his snake got loose. Lost cause. Don't forget to put a lil mini pool in his tank. They love soaking in water.

Hehe-lol Yeah those little guys are awesome pets. We got my son one, it was a rescue, part of his tail is missing and his one hand is messed up but it actually made it more special to my son. Breardies are great!