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The Spirit Of Anzac

today i found a picture taken of a AUSTRALIAN  battalion taken at the pyramids,3 months before the landing at gallopoli at dawn on april 25 1915,there was a father and his 3 sons,all killed and 16 year old boys,the picture was going to be only of officers,but the soldiers had other ideas,so joined in, of the soldiers had died 2 days before the picture was taken,but his mates said,he was still part of the battalion,so they dressed him,in uniform,and the dead soldier was with his mates,on the morning of the landing.eighty per cent,of the men were grandfather and his three brothers,also landed at dawn,with their battalion,they were all wounded,but survived,and went on to fight the germans in france......this is the spirit of ANZAC..the AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND ARMY CORPS.....................iam so proud of my beloved AUSTRALIA..........................robert
ZENIST ZENIST 66-70, M 10 Responses Nov 20, 2011

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the charge at beersheba..............into the turkish cannons, the AUSTRALIAN LIGHT HORSE RODE....................AND VICTORY WAS THEIRS

That's amazing.I like the history stories you tell and teach us. Your ancestors and Australia have a lot to be proud of. Also, 'inserting the fact about the dead soldier was brilliant..enjoyed this in a big way.Good job phoenix.

I wonder whether you have seen the Lighthorse Museum in Nar Nar Goon? Well worth a visit. Australians turned the course of the war by their indomitable spirit and the legend lives on. Thank you for posting this great anecdote.

we have a sense of equality,and the total belief in a fair go[do not take advantage]...........this is our culture.....

thank you,tiger

Great story Rob. Thanks for sharing this.

thank you,for your comment

I admire these brave soldiers sooo much, we owe them so much , especially the lives we are able to live now.... thanks Rob for sharing this....B

thank you,it was just so AUSTRALIAN

Well, it sounds like you have good reason to be proud. Well written Rob. Thanks for sharing.