Smelly Bed.

as a child I wet the bed when ever I could get away with it, if I did it to many time mum would say she would take me to the Doctors so I had to keep it to only once or twice a month.
I did how ever wet it more and more when I was 8-9 and got caught as my broter would wake up and found he was wet to because I had done a big wee and he would tell mum and she told me off.
I think it was because I had just lost my dad to a hart atack and was depressed.
She took me to the Dr,s and I was put back into terry nappies for a while and I loved it.
I loved the smell first thing in the mornings and would pull mt plastic pants down to let all the smell out anf make the bed wet again but not enough to wake my brothe up.
Later I became dry at night and the nappies were taken away.
I remember wetting my bed again one night at the age of about 11, I did it on purpose again as I had alway done just to feel that loverly warm sensation as you push it all out as fast as you can and realy wet your PJ's and the bed bad, but as I slept with my brother I had to make sure he was asleep then I laid on my back & opened my legs & held the front of my PJ's with both hands pressing hard on my willy I started  to wee. It was lovley to feel it as the front ogfmy PJ's became soaked & very warm, there was more pee than I had exspected & there was no way I could stop as I felt the need to push hard & realy wet the bed bad. I laid there weeing as hard as I could for what seemed a very long time before I had finnished & the bed & me were realy soaked. My brother was still asleep so all was well & I realy was enjoying it. I turned over on to my front and could feel all the wee wee around me making a squelching noise, I was laying in a pool of wee and it was great.
I must have went off to sleep in my loverly wet bed
The next morning Mum came in as usual & woke us both up with a cup of tea, I rememberd what I had done the previous night & started to panic but to my supprise the bed was almos compleatly dry apart from the very small bit under my bottom. I felt my PJ's & they were dry as well, it was high summer & all seemed well as I thought I was going to get away with it this time. We got up & I made sure the bed was left uncovered so it could dry compleatly before I went off to school. When I got home I was exspecting to be told off for wetting the bed again & threatened with going to the Drs but to my supprise nothing was said so I decided there & then to do it again that night.
When we went to bed I purposly didn't go to the toilet but just pretender to for mum's sake then she put us both to bed and tucked us in. It seemed to take an age for bro to go to sleep as he kept talking about silly things & I, by now, wanted to pee bad & get to that woulderfull wet bed feeling again. Finnialy he went off to sleep & I repeated what I had done the previous night but this time there was realy a large amount of wee and the bed was so wet by the time I had finnished that it woke my brother up & he hit me & went & told mum I'd wet the bed again.
Mum was furious & said, How can you wee this much when yor've just been to the toilet? I stood there dripping & looked at the very wet bed & started to cry but it didn't do any good as mum had already suspected i'd wet he previous night fron the smell of dryed pee when she entered the room to make the bed up for us and had seen the stain on my side but had said nothing.
I was now in a lot of trouble. The bed was changed & the very wet matress was covered up temperarily with a rubber sheet so we could go back to bed but I was to face an interigation by my brothe and mum the next day, I knew that I was now in for it.
I don't think I slept much that night worring about the next day but it's a long story already & just to say that that was the last of my bed wetting for a while. But it's loverly to smell the bed first thing in the morning with the loverly smell of the dryed wee filling the air.Buy for now. DD.

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Aaaaww Dean, you're right, just wetting the bed on purpose is the best feeling. Every kid should try it at least once. Sorry your Mum found out and put a stop to it for a while..

Hi Raby, Thank's 4 your comment, pity about the punishments but the spankings sound very nice & I 2 need 2 b punished 4 what I do every day. It must have been very embarassing 4 u 2 c the stained sheets hanging out side 4 all 2 c, I do feel 4 u. Instead of puishment u needed a hug & reasurance, I hope it hasn't damaged u in later life. Bye, DD.