Nathan <3

It's been a year now since I meat Nathan,I sat next to him in class and over the year we've talked and become friends.And I felt lucky to have a really awsome friend like him...and then one day I didn't have anyone to pick me up from school so he said I could hang out at his house,and while at his house we were outiside playing basketball then out of nowhere he kissed me...and that kiss turned into alot more when it ended on his bed,and then 4 weeks later I found out i was pregnant,that's not at all something you want to find out while your 13,and Im now 19 weeks pregnant with a little girl and Nathan has just been so awsome and super supportive he is my best friend in whole entire world and I love him to death,and he's going to be a great father and I know he will always be my best friend..he's really everything I could ask for he finds the good in a bad situation,he always makes me laugh and he makes my day! I really wouldn't want to have a baby with anyone else other that him <3
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Aug 7, 2010