to you:

i can tell you anything. and you know everything about me.

i dont know. you just get me, more than anyone ever will, or ever could..

the stupid moments we have mean the world to me. and  the not so stupid ones that mean even more.

i am so greatful to have you in my life. and im pretty sure that if i hadnt met you i would not be here.

it was when i said i "miss you," and you said back to me, "im right here." i knew you would always be my bestfriend. even if we have some rough times, and if we get pulled apart i will always come back. you are my soul sister.



i should be crying, but i just can't let it show.
i should be hoping, but i can't stop thinking

of all the things i should've said,
that i never said.
all the things we should've done,
though we never did.
all the things i should've given,
but i didn't.

and i know you have a little life in you yet,
i know you have a lot of strenght left.

i dont know how else to put that except for these lyrics. i just want everything to go away...
just to go back.
i cant even think right now. im just so sorry for what i did and what i didnt do.
i slip up sometimes and i want you to know that everything i did i regret so much. i wish i could just start over. i wish i could have been a better friend when you were here. i wish i could. i wish i would have known what i know now back then.
i wish i didnt take all the moments for granted because now i miss them. i miss you. so ******* much you have no idea.

i know were not together right now,

and its hard for me. so hard.

your the one that did the moving, but i feel like i lost a peice of me.

i feel like somebody ripped off my left side and took my heart along with it.

i just want everything to rewind and it wont.

i just dont know what to do mary. i dont know.

i just want you to know that im always here. anytime, always. your my bestfriend. and that sounds so cliche. but i know what it means in my soul, in my heart and in my head. and i know that will never ever change. and i wont ever call anybody else my bestfriend. never.

you are it.

right now i cant see anything but bad, and i feel like you are tired of me. i dont know what to think.
and i cant do anything about this feeling. i need you.

i want so much so bad, i hold this hope that things are going to get better. and i feel so selfish.
i feel like somebody shouldnt hold so much on a somebody like that.
i hate that i call you so much. but i love talking to you. and i want you there. i feel so ******* alone without you.


i love you so much.

you dont have any idea. 

and i know i do otherwise i wouldnt be crying right now.


i just want you here. :/

i want it all back. and you arent ever coming back.

thats what kicks me in the heart everynight.
its why i cant go to school without ditching.
i just dont know what to do. i have this pain.

and it wont go away.

i miss you.

but i know i love you more than i could ever miss you.
thats why you are my bestfriend. cat sister. my other half.

i love you, forever and always. but were not gay.



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3 Responses Jan 30, 2008

This made me cry :') so beautiful.

This is very emotional; it reminds me of a relationship with a good friend I had awhile back.<br />
<br />
I hope everything reconciles. Good luck to you.<br />
<br />
Friends go through very difficult periods, but the good ones stay friends for life, no matter the ups and downs.<br />
<br />
You seem like the type of people who can make it through.<br />
<br />

Very emotional story. I hope you get this worked out. <br />
I wonder if I even understand it enough to comment?<br />
There is a lot of feeling her and I hope that what you seek you will soon find. : )<br />