No matter what, I will always ...

No matter what, I will always love my best friend despite our ups and downs
rosebud2ster rosebud2ster
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my best friend knows every thing about me and i too know everything about her..................i hope our friendship will last forever

Yah I know what you mean, my best friend is my heart, I dont know what I'd do without her, shes helped me throught so much, even battling depression, she was there 100%. But I love her to death, and I would do anything for her! And now we just started daitin, you know, I have a boyfriend, and he's really sweet, and very very respectful towards me and my family and friends, and you know my friend i slooking for a bf, and I hope she finds one who will treat her righyt, and make her happy! You see we bith have plans for the future, dhell grow up and be a vet, and then get married, then adopt- she dosent want to have kids,, and then I wan tto grow up, get married, then adopt, because I dont want to have kids, why bring more kids into this world when there are so many without someone - a parent to love them? And our #1 plan is to be BFF's for life!!

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