She Makes Me A Better Person

I have known my best friend for six years and this year will be the seventh..we met at high school on our first day there, she had a bed next to mine in dorm, at first we didn't like each other and disagreed on many things but after the first one month of getting to know each other we became really close and now we are inseparable. I had an issue at first with expressing emotions and didn't easily allow people to hold me and she helped me though that. She would hug me randomly all the time and at first it felt weird then it started to feel good and now its very easy for me. We are always laughing when are together even when we argue (which happens a lot) we always make up and laugh about it after. She is very understanding and always there when i need her..i love her very much and even if i have never told her that she knows i do  
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1 Response May 18, 2012

I love my best friend too. Hes my jaan(life) my rock, my everything,,,, always there for each other we are x thank u Almighty x i dont know what i would do without him in my life x

thats how i feel about mine