Chocolate Puddings

I still remember my first day of school. Scared out of my mind and clutching my older brother Sylas' old Power Rangers lunchbox I entered into Mrs. Owen's classroom. There were rows and rows of desks, and my mom helped me find mine, kissed me, said "be good" and left. A girl sat down next to me as said "Hi!" I'm Taylor. She had wildly curly hair and was one of three black kids I had ever met. Though I didn't understand at the time I lived in a VERY white suberb until I moved right before kindergarten. I didn't know what race was and didn't care, all I saw was a friend. We hit it off learning wee were both middle children and we both loved grilled cheese and chocolate pudding. My favorite memory with her was when we were in 1st grade making apple pie at her house and I asked modestly, "Taylor, are you that dark color because you eated too many puddings?" I still remember how hard her mother laughed. Ive apologize to her multiple times but too this day she still says she'd never laughed so hard and that I have nothing to be srry about. A person as socially clueless as me was lucky to have such forgiving friends :)
Tropicana55 Tropicana55
31-35, F
May 19, 2012