Chasing Mister Softee ^-^

I met Channing Vaughn in the 3rd grade. The 3rd grade was a "Traumatic" year for me because my best friend Taylor Ellerston wasn't in my class for the first time. The first three months were HELL for me, I was teased I didn't have nya friends, my teacher was mean... But then my teacher got sick and retired *Sad but... I was happy.* We then got a new teacher who ended up being one of the most influencial teachers in my life. His name was Mr. Holyoke. He had a certain indescribable way with kids. So on day he said "Class, we'll be having a new student join us next week. Her name is Channing Vaughn and she's moving here from California. She'll be far from home and we want to do all we can to make her feel welcome. She loves animals, card games, gymnastics, and reading so if anyone would like to bring in a picture of your pet to show her or have a favorite book you'd like to tell her about, or maybe if you just want to say "Welcome to our school, my name is ____, I sit right over here if you have any questions, I think it would help to make her feel welcome. 4 days later Mr. Holyoke walked in, leading a peppy little blonde girl by the hand. She had a multitude of freckles and was wearing the same turquoise Abercrombie shirt I was. She had on jean shorts and brqaided brown flip flops even though it was 50 degrees. She had a cute cowry shell neckalce and a nice smile. I was one of the only kids who had taken Mr. Holyokes advice seriously. She introduced herself and said her name was channing and she loved tennis, reading, animals, cards, and gymnastics, and we pretended to be interested. She got put in the seat infront of me.

No one was talking to me really in the class so I saw a new girl as my chance to make a friend. At lunch I waited for her by her cubby with my brown bag lunch. She came up and said "Hi!" I think she was glad someone was willing to talk to her. "I'm Channing." "I'm Darcy." I said, timidly. I immediatly tried to hide my sack lunch when she pulled out a magnificient cloth lunchbox with glittery dolphins on it. But soon enough we developed a repoor. I showed her a picture of my goldfish, she told me about her favorite books (I had read all of them) We compared notes on that, and I'd say by the end of the day we were obviously bound to be best friends.

But the title of this stoy, Chasing Mr. Softee, is from one of the frst summers I spent without Taylor. She moved away for a year to England, and I had to spend a whole summer without her here. This was in 7th grade, and Channing had just moved into a house on my street. We sat one day, on my stoop. We were both in bikini tops and jean shorts (Our Mothers oculdn't know we were basically sitting outside in bras.) She had her sleek blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail while my haphazard brown hair flowed in the sticky hot breeze. We were counting cars go by when a Mr. Softee truck (the local ice cream truck) Came rushing by and didn't even stop. We were both running track that year so Channing said, "I bet you can't chase down the Mister Softee truck." I, being arrogant enough to think I could run down a moving car said, "You're on." We took off barefooted down the road and caught up to the car. (At the time we thought we'd run fast enough to catch a moving car but apparently it had stopped like a block away from my house. By the time we got there it was just pulling off, but we screamed "WAIT!" And it waited :). Channing helped me through a really rough time that summer, I wish I had told her that. After that summer we made it a habit that we'd let the truck start going before we ran it down to get our icecream, cause we were just that happy-go-lucky kind of stupid.

And when Channing developed pancreatic cancer her Sophmore year of highschool, and had chemo that made her so weak she couldn't walk anymore, we chased Mister Softee with me pushing her wheel chair all the way.

Channing died the following year.

When my mom told me, the first thing I said with tears in my eyes, was "Can we ask if we serve Mister Softee at the funeral?"

RIP Channing Tatum Vaughn 1977-1992
I will always love you.
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May 19, 2012