I Love My Best Friend

so yesterday, i finally told this wonderful girl i liked her...a lot...i mean i gave my heart out i told her i've liked since we met. i told her how she's the only person i wanna talk to each day and i think of her everyday. now a little back story we've been like best friends since 6th grade. We've done so much with each other. one night she got scared cause of her dad, and so she snuck into my house and we laid in my bed together. we didn't have sex, nor did we kiss. it was just best friends comforting each other. so yesterday, me and her are now 16 years old, i told her i practically love her. i did in the middle of class, while her other friends were listening. i didn't care i had to tell her i couldn't hold it in any longer. her response after i told her was " cool story". she said it in such an insincere, sarcastic tone. Now that's not heartbreaking isn't it. but i continued and i asked how she felt about me... she shrugged and said "you should go back to your desk before you start to blush." instead i walk out side the classroom and cried in the hallway for the rest of the school day. now i know she likes to play the tough girl role, and i know she's been kind of a hard *** towards guys, but come on... I'm still heartbroken.

now later that day she sent me this text.

"Ethan i didnt mean to hurt your feelings. I didnt even know what i said was hurting u because, we were in class and you randomly told me idk how u expected me to react because im a hard *** towards guys. I love you as a friend and i always will and maybe oneday ill like you more than that but not right now.Im terribly sorry that i hurt you thats not my intentions im so sorry and i hope youll be alright. iwas gonna talk to you this hour but you were gone so just relax and please dont think i ment on being rude but i went looking for you because i was worried about you. i may be a hard *** but i have a heart ethan..."

after that i went out to look for her.. when i found her we went outside and talked in privet. i told her that i didnt care about the fact she shot me down like an airplane, it was the way she said it. almost as if everything we've done together, all the secrets i've told and she told me, was all just for ****. like she didnt even care about me, as if it didn't matter if i was her friend or not. we spoke about all that and cleared the air hugged and she kissed me on the cheek and said maybe one day it'll be right there and put her finger on my lips. I'm still a little heartbroken. and i keep thinking of her...

what do i do...someone please help me... i don't know what to do, do i just get over her? do we just stay friends? or should i keep my hopes up and believe maybe one day we could be together for possibly for the rest of my life? please someone i don't know what to do.
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1 Response May 19, 2012

man im 14 i know im giving advice to someone older but take my advice keep ur hopes up:) i have the same situation and i explainned my feelings to my bestfriend and she only always responses back with *aww* i get kind of sad becuz i dont know if she likes me or not but i am never gonna giv up just promise me that u will not give up either:)