Best Friend From Elementary.

Well, me and my best friend, Sarah/Angela, knew each other in elementary. I think we met in 2nd grade. Apparently she remembered EVERYTHING about me and I knew nothing of my 2nd grade year. It was interesting hearing about the stuff she remebered about me. And in 4th grade, I moved to a different town. About 2 hours away. I do not think we saw each other in 4th grade because we had different classes. So we basicly did not see each other for 4 years. But in summer 2011 I went back to the town where I originaly met her and Visted my cousins for some fun. Now we didn't plan on going anywhere but we ended up going to the mall with Sarah. My cousin told me she was coming and I had no idea who she was. I was clueless. But when we went to the mall we met each other at a store and we both didn't reconize each other. It was awk going around stores and eating at the food court with her. It was kinda uncofortable. But y'know, whatever. So, after the summer during my 8th grade year, My mom and I had to move back to my old town at my old house with my cousins due to money issues. I then started going to school with my cousins and met my friend yet again during Physical Education. She said she remembered me and well I did too. Not easy to forget a person like her. Now she kept me comfortable around the school. I do not have many friends because well, I don't fit in the school. My grades aren't so great, I suck at sports, and people don't really talk to me. She was like my main friend the whole year. And I guess we became bestfriends. We have fun together and all those stuff bestfriends do. We are in our last month of 8th grade, going to the same high school next year. I literally LOVE her to death <3. I think she is awesome, fun, cool, comforting, caring, loving, Beautiful :P, and crazy. I know we've had our ups and downs but the past is past and I'm glad we're Still best friends. Sorry if this sucked. I just wanted to tell you guys about us.
Randage Randage
May 27, 2012