My Bestfriend

We met about 4yrs ago and I didn't think we would even become as close as we are now. The day I met him I thought he was just going to be someone that I would talk to for awhile then just go out seperate ways but i was wrong this person and I became so close the past few years. He's been there for me whenever I've needed him. The last few years I've been through alot with my family and having him there helped me get through everything I love him so much and I dont know what i would do without him. We were away from eachother for two years because i had to move but once i graduated high school I moved closer to him and now were making up for those two years. I spend so much time with him I swear were always together and i wouldn't have it any other way :))
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Me and my bestfriend are very close like that , almost the same exact story , except we're a bit younger than you and your bestfriend .