The Four-leaf Clover

I have three best friends. Each of them are way different, and very much the same. Charlene is a tiny girl, with these huge blue eyes that remind me of a scared doe. She's the nicest person you'll ever know, always polite and kind to anyone and everyone, no matter how rude or mean that person is. She's kind of a freak and her and I have this thing where we can't stop calling each other names. It is so hard to get mad at this girl.... Katelyn is very very competative and aggrassive. She freaked out on me when I got a 96 on a calculus test and she got a 95. But she is also loving, and she loves to cuddle -_- which makes sleeping with her a torture. Tiara is by far the rudest of us all. Lots of people refer to her as a *****, even myself, but she will come to your side and fight the demons off your back while you get your **** together.
We are being separated this summer. Katelyn moved to go to a community college across the state. Charlene, bless her soul, is going into the Marines. Tiara and I will remain here for a year or two then I will move across the nation.
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3 Responses Jul 11, 2012

You write in such a warm and engaging way.

Do you sleep together for companionship only or do you make love to your friends?

i found a four leaf clover once