I Love My Best Friend

hello there, well i have resorted to the internet to help me so wish me luck. well i have known my best friend for about a year now as we both moved from different schools because of bullying. when i moved to my new school me and my best friend Ben meet and instantly we became friend's
so over time we got to know each outer and we started a band because we play guitar and drums after a while we got people into this band and i wasn't meeting the mark and the rest of the band wanted to kick me out except for ben so anyway i was eventuall kicked out and that was the end of that. but me and ben kept on being friends. so one night i was staying at his and me and him got talking and told each outher our life story's and all of our secretes and that's when he became my best friend. recently my mum has been abuseing me and i sat and i cried and i told him eveything and he was so understanding and kind that was when i realised that well... i loved him . i was previously straight and never found outher man attractive. now i think he is straight as we always talk about girls in school but it is killing me to not tell him how i feel as i dont want to lose him.ever.
now i tell him that i love him everyday (in a brotherly way) and he think's noughting of it i always give him hug's and stuff and we spend most of our time together. i just need to know what to do, if i lost him it would be the end for me but i cant keep on living without telling him how i feel. now i get jelious when ever he hangs out with outher guys. im pritty shure he is straight. i just want to make him happy cus i would do anything for him.

I really don't know what to do anymore, his friendship means the world to me, but i just fear if i tell him that it would be the end... and my end too. :(
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If y'all are that close, I'd tell him. I'm having the exact same dilemma pretty much. Let me know how things work out for ya.

can anyone help