A Kiss

My best friend has now a boyfriend.....and she kissed him......and I am sad....very sad......but I shouldn't be sad! I should jump around and be happy, because she is happy!.....But I don't......I sit here and write, because I'm psychopathic and jealous! More psychopathic than jealous......
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3 Responses May 8, 2007

sometimes, I feel the same way about my bff, and her bf, but I still love her to death! you probably feel this way because you ARE jelous, and you ARE wanting someone...do you have a bf? .....get one maybe??? it should help you get over the issue, and let you love him, and not be so jelous of her, and her bf!!!!

you are not pyscho!!!! you are in love. it's pretty close to being pyscho but NOT the same thing!!! :) :) :)

Sorry I hadn't read your other post. I'm sorry that the ob<x>ject of your affection doesn't know the precious gift she holds in her hands. I've felt that pain. And there is no band aid for it. Only time eases the ache and eventually time erases the pain.