I dont have a best friend anymore but reading all your stories make me want someone one to be able to go to when i need to. see the girl i was best friends with was totaly the one i could go to for anything. we where best friends for 10 years but then we got to middle school and suddenly everything changed. yes we where still hanging out but not as much. i still told her everything but slowly we drifted apart, one day she introduced mo to another girl she had been hanging out with I never really thought anything of it but i found out that girl didnt like me i dont know why but she did, soon after that the new girl started calling her best friend, i ignored it the first time cause im not one to get upset easily but it kept happening, i felt so lonely i didnt know what to do. after that, i was in the restroom wasing my hands and this girl next to me tells me "so i heard you liked _____" i asked her how did she know that she said your best friend told me. i was so mad afterward, i had never thought my "best friend" would tell anyone but she did. now that i think about it the last time i talked to her was when i told her goodbye. i guess we really meant goodbye. to this day i wish nothing had ever happened. i miss her so much but i dont want to tell her she hurt me. its been 3 years since ive seen her. i really do miss her so be greatful for who you have in your life.
deedeeee deedeeee
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Oh honey..... So sorry and understand but you have to realize that you are a gifted person. Watch the last season of will and grace and truly understand the reality of the relationships. Hags are only there to be around cool guys. It's sub conscience. .