I'm not one to say that I'm the popular type. I have tons of friends, but what are friends now a days ? It's a bestfriend that is always there for you. I met her my freshman year, she was a Sophmore at a different school. I kept seeing we around, we became really good friends the beginning of this year & she is one amaIng person. I grew upon her so fast. I felt as comfortable as can be around her. It was crazy. She knew me inside and out. She was like my personal mentor. I don't know what is do without her. & I still don't to this day. It was about two months ago. She was in a car accident. Drunk driver hit her head on. I received that phone call that she was in the hospital. I woke up my parents and rushed to see her. Se was like y older sister. I remember seeing her lay there in critical condition. I grabbed her hand and didn't let go. I cried and cried. I told her "You're my bestfriend. I hope you can hear me. Whatever happens I will always love you with all my heart. You're the sister I never had. You've tought me so much. If only god could give you a second chance. I love you so much Crystal" & right there the machines turned off. She was dead... I couldn't believe it. Just the day before she was all happy smiling having a good time with me. But it just happened to be the wrong moment. She's gods beautiful angel up there with the rest of our loved ones. If heaven had a phone. I'd be on the line with her all day. I miss you bestfriend.
Magaly1896 Magaly1896
Dec 8, 2012