My Best Friend <3

i met itzamara when i was in 7th grade, she wore braids on her hair, and i thought she was a girly girl. i was seated next to her and we had to work in groups, it was then that she said her birthday was on August 18, i told her mine was too and i knew we where going to be best friend, she would talk to me in spanish and i felt like i could listen to her all day long. we were still friends in 8th grade, when i came to all of problems. i was going through a lot and she helped me i dont know what i would have done without her. in 9th grade some friend came and went, but were as strong as ever, our freshmen year was good. and now our sophmore year is going strong, we have never been closer and we still laugh for no reason. i listen to her crap and she listens to mine, were your regular teenager we have celeberty crushes and real life crushes, we eat too much, and worry how we look, we dance in the rain and get in trouble with out teachers, we listen to the music a little too laud, and forget to do homework. yet me and itzamara couldnt be more diffrent- she still girly, shes you preppy A&F wearing girl, shes naturally pretty, she listens to girly music, and blushes when she sees her crush. and i- well i am a hadfull. im not girly, i listen to rock & roll. i run every chance i get, i trade people for books, i wear what i feel like wearing, but im never girly, i love nature and when i see guys, well they would have to be really special because i dont see nothing i dont want to
frriddah frriddah
18-21, F
Dec 15, 2012