Why of Course!  That Is W...

Why of course!  That is what best friends are for.
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My daughter is a lesbian so I do know how difficult life can be for two people who want to laugh, hold hands, and just be themselves - but they can't if others see them. She got lucky and went to work for a lesbian printing press - Naiad Books - so was in a place where people didn't think she was weird or evil if she kissed a girl. She came out to me at age 18 - she was so scared. I just told her - "I love you" and will help you in any way I can and that I wanted her to be happy. I also told her that she had chosen a difficult life on this earth. Her present partner is 34 and just "came out" at work. She has twin boys and was married 13 years before deciding she was gay. She still can't talk to her parents about it. They are dead set against "evil stuff "like this. Best way is to go to a place where gays are nurtured and not put down so badly. That helped my daughter a lot to be in a nurtuing environment at work. She is very androgynous though and people think she is a male most of the time. They call her sir. To me - she's my beautiful daughter and always will be. Her friend who was born female but always felt male just had a sex change operation and is so happy with it!<br />
I wish you the best life! Mox

I wish I could just say "of course!" about my best friend and have it be that simple.