Best Friends <3

I've been friends with my childhood bud Aaron since we were both 5 years old. Summer of 2012 we became bestfriends :) We text all the time, never a day goes by where we don't text. We skype whenever we find time, and since he lives 2 hours away, I make sure to visit him every time we go to see family. He's like my bestfriend forever. Like all bestfriends, we've had our fights, our heart aches, and plenty of tears. But, in the end, by some miracle, we always get through it :) and just to get this out of the way...his truck... OH MY WORD. I want that beauty...I am like forever jealous that his first car is a Dodge Ram pick up truck and it's like...wooooooo. xD anyhoo...There isn't a thing in the world I wouldn't do for this kid. If he needed a new kidney I'd be the first person to step up to donate one for him. If he was about to be run over by a car I'd push him out of the way and take the blow myself. It's like the song by Bruno Mars "Grenade" except he would do the same. I mean...I know you normally say these kinda things about your boyfriend or girlfriend, but I honestly can't see my life without him. If I ever did need to leave him it would be harder than anything I've ever had to do before in my life. He knows how...rough my "love life" has been and how I am struggling with believing that there are any decent guys out there...then I remember who I'm talking to xD I can seriously imagine him in the crowd (possibly the front row...[: ) at my wedding day smiling at me mouthing "You made it" and I'd mouth back "Yeah Buddy" and he'd mouth the same thing (it's kinda like our trade mark...haha) then 7 years later my kids and his kids having play dates on the floor like our moms made US do when we were little. Only I hope we won't be folding laundry or cooking the whole time...that just seems boring. Playing video games, watching TV or just messing around sounds a lot more like us :) haha There probably isn't a thing in the world he doesn't know about me. I've told him pretty much everything about me and if there is something missing he will find out. There is a lot I don't know about him, he can be very secretive and likes to keep things to himself, but I believe he will one day tell me everything there is to know about him :) I already know a heck of a lot haha. We have so many inside jokes it's almost crazy. We are even filling up two shoes with stuff we've said/done together that made us laugh with sharpies. (These were my Christmas present...probably the best gift EVER!!) He can ALWAYS make me laugh, I mean even when I feel like I'm going to burst out into tears he can say something to make me at least smile. Idk if it's because he knows me well or he is just really funny :) Probably a little bit of both. He can do and say some pretty funny stuff. He claims he is a little bit rednek...I have a hard time believe it :) But sometimes, I can see it. Like when he said he'd make a pool/hottub in the summer with his truck or stuff like that :) If I need advice he is the first one I go to. Seriously even though his advice can suck sometimes I don't ask anyone except him first. I even asked him what color I should paint my nails one time LOL. And he answered, and I did them green that day :) Since he is a guy I also go to him when I have boy issues...I don't think he likes that too much xD One thing I love about him...he is always there for me. If I need someone to support me or have my back he's always my man. I mean I have nightmares at night...and they can be REALLY bad. Like so bad I can wake up screaming and crying sometimes. He insists that I text him as soon as I wake up and he will normally listen about it and then he'll tell me calmly to go back to sleep and that it was just a dream and how that would never happen, ect ect, it's just so..comforting to know I have him to talk to at night. It's like I wake up from a nightmare and he's right next to me ready to hold me until I stop crying or shaking, or both. I've honestly...never had a bestfriend like Aaron. Which can seem crazy if you knew me, but I haven't. I'm not good at making long lasting friendships, they always seem to crumble in my hands. I can make plenty of friends that will love me and give me hugs at church and say I'm their bestfriend, but am I really?...I don't feel like it. There is only a few people in this world I truly feel like I can tell ANYTHING to and they will listen and care about me and what's going on...those people are Aaron, maybe a few others...idk...and God...nuts right? You would think a 16 year old girl would have more people she feels this close to. ANYWAY...I could go on and on and ON and ON but I think I'll stop here :) Bottom line...Aaron and I? Bestfriends for life. I love him and would be heartbroken to lose him. :)
Bestfriends forever...YEAH BUDDY!!!!
Yours truly, Abs
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